Marivic M. - Manager

AshleyMae C. - Manager

Hi, I'm AshleyMae Cruz. I'm a liberal studies major at Cal State San Marcos, I plan to become an elementary school teacher. I like to go to the gym to stay active and motivated. I am Filipino/Chamorro/Chinese/Japanese. To help me cope with things I like to listen to piano music and like to walk along the beach to listen to the waves. My favorite music genre is R&B so catch me playing throwback songs in the store lol. My family is the most important people to me, ever, they're my number one supporters.

Favorite Snoice Drink: Okinawa milk tea with boba or strawberry mango fruit tea with boba and mango stars


Joey C. - Barista

Hey my name's Joey Chan, and I am Jackie Chan's grandson (kidding). I was born and raised here in San Diego. In my free time I like to dance and just relax/chill and explore new places with some friends. Whenever I get the chance to, I also like to go hiking.

Favorite Snoice Drink: Peach Mango Blend


Shawn S. - Barista

My dogs name is $A$HA

Favorite Snoice Drink: Strawberry Rose Fruit Tea


Allyssa F. - Barista

Hi! I'm Allyssa and you're watching Snoice SD 😉 I was born & raised in Japan, growing up as a Navy brat. I love food, boba, and dogs but mainly food 😛

Favorite Snoice Drink: Peach Fruit Tea with one pump of Rose and mango stars 🤤💕


Sam A. - Social Media Manager