The name "SNOICE" started off as a joke after owners Jayrell and Dianne watched an episode of Key and Peele

It stuck and the rest is history.


In 2015, Snoice opened up as a pop-up bar in the corner of Kababayan Bakery, located in San Diego, California. It soon became popular enough that three months after opening, a deal was made to renovate the bakery and build a hole-in-the-wall shop.

Since then, Snoice has been striving to serve high-quality, fully customizable interpretations of Taiwanese-inspired shaved snow, Filipino-inspired halo-halo, and the ever-popular boba tea.

Snoice's culture reflects the values of two young parents, who left their careers in New York City's startup world to focus on raising a family. Both lived in households that built small businesses in the restaurant and events industry. Coincidentally, the couple aspired to create a unique environment where their three year-old son, Nathan, would have the opportunity to meet with friends and family, pay tribute to Filipino-American culture, and give back to the same neighborhood and community that his parents grew up in.



The wooly mammoth was chosen because it is a "throwback" animal, well-adapted to the cold and an ancestor of the Asian Elephant from the Philippines. It symbolizes Snoice's unique Asian-American roots, refreshing atmosphere, and passion for bringing family together. 



It's usually served last, sometimes even skipped! Since it's all we serve and most come out of their way for it, we have to make it the best. We try to serve cold desserts that will keep San Diego cool, and that can enjoyed anyone of any age, with any diet.


This was our best excuse to get our family and friends together. Our hearts are into lifting and empowering others however we can. We encourage openness and innovation by collaborating with anyone and everyone we can.


Our roots are important to us. We want to unlock the history of our hometowns and our heritage. We fight to preserve our family's ways, but push for even better values for our children. We love learning about ourselves and how we relate to others.