None of us ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.
— Mother Teresa
Jayrell R.  - Chief Executive Officer

Jayrell R. - Chief Executive Officer

Maria B.  - Assistant Manager

Maria B. - Assistant Manager

Rjay D.  - Lead Caterer

Rjay D. - Lead Caterer

Jules D. -  Barista

Jules D. - Barista

Shola A.  - Barista

Shola A. - Barista

Kyrell R.  - Chief Operating Officer

Kyrell R. - Chief Operating Officer

Derrick M.  - Media Coordinator

Derrick M. - Media Coordinator

Sergio S.  - Lead Barista

Sergio S. - Lead Barista

Jeremae D. -  Barista

Jeremae D. - Barista

Daniela A.  - Barista

Daniela A. - Barista

Ashley C.  - General Manager

Ashley C. - General Manager

Jessica A.  - Marketing Associate

Jessica A. - Marketing Associate

Lana B.  - Barista & PR

Lana B. - Barista & PR

Shawn S.  - HR Intern

Shawn S. - HR Intern

Junemy P.  - Community Manager

Junemy P. - Community Manager

Vanjee T.  - Catering Coordinator

Vanjee T. - Catering Coordinator

Erikson P. -  Lead Barista

Erikson P. - Lead Barista

Seth S.  - Barista

Seth S. - Barista